Our Sole Agent In Australia – Adrone PTY

It gives us great pleasure to introduce Adrian Symons, our sole agent for Thurson Tea, in Australia.
Adrian was born and raised in Sri Lanka and was educated at St Joseph’s College, Colombo. Adrian is a keen sportsman and among his many accomplishments, he played cricket and rugby as well as participating in athletics, swimming, and cadetting.

Adrian began his sales career at Gestetnor Ceylon, as a trainee Sales Executive and within one year was promoted to Product Manager. Whilst at Gestetnor, Adrian received extended training in marketing, from Gestetnor UK. Adrian also played cricket for the company and captained cricket for the Mercantile tournament. Adrian emigrated Australia and continued to play cricket for clubs and international tournaments.

After settling in Australia, Adrian successfully pursued his marketing career. He worked for Maxell Batteries for 11 years as a Sales Manager and Toshiba Victoria for 10 years as a Sales Manager. Given his extensive experience in sales and his determination to succeed, Adrian opened his own marketing company in Victoria. Adrian is currently the owner and Managing Director of Adrone Pty Ltd.

Adrian Symons

Adrian has a personal connection to tea as his Dad, grandparents and family comes from the beautiful tea growing hills of Kandy. We are very proud and happy to have Adrian on board as our Sole Agent for Thurson Tea in Australia. We sincerely believe that Adrian will take Thurson Teas a long way in par with the other major popular tea brands.

We welcome Adrian to the Thurson family and are happy to extend him our fullest backing and cooperation and wish Adrian every success in his future endeavors.